Traditional Building : Legend of the North SideWinter 2009


Legend of the North Side

By Eve M. Kahn / PHOTOs Ingrid Bonne and Jean Dufresne

Universal legends persist about the Uptown Broadway Building on Chicago's North Side. Al Capone allegedly built the place and ran a speakeasy in its basement, which extends deep below the Broadway sidewalks. But the truths about the Uptown Broadway are as interesting as the tales.

The Spanish Baroque 1926 building is engulfed in terra cotta depicting rams, musical instruments, military trophies, garlands, volutes, Medusas, fruit, fringed curtains and tasseled ropes. The roofline bristles with urns and Poseidons, and the building's triangular footprint, which backs onto the Red Line elevated tracks, narrows to an improbable 9-in wide point . . .

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Good Neighbor Awards2009

Good Neighbor Awards

Good Neighbor Awards: 2009

Awards received for developments in 2009:

+ Uptown Broadway Building / Offices
+ 4055 N Wolcott Ave / Multi Unit
+ 1714 W Grace St / Multi Unit
+ 1501 Bosworth Ave / Multi Unit

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