Corey Nissenberg

Senior Associate / AIA NCARB

01 / My First Job

Golf caddy at the age of 14. On the job, I met some interesting people, learned to play golf, and could always guarantee that I would come home with a nice farmer’s tan.

02 / When I Retire

I will travel the world.

03 / Nobody Knows

I want a pet monkey.

04 / What I Love About Space

The passion everyone has for architecture and the focus on testing new ideas to make our work better every day.

While pursuing his master’s degree, Corey focused his studies on the use of light in architecture and how it changes our perception of space. In a city as dense as Chicago, Corey is intrigued to study new ways in which we can bring light into our buildings.

Corey earned his Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and his Master of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.